Saturday, April 16, 2011

all good things must come to an end

My Pursenickety shop will be closing indefinitely

50 % off everything
( basically my wholesale/cost price)

everything has gotta go!!!

Please email me here  and list the items
 you want and I will send you an invoice.

 Local orders FREE PICK UP
sad but true…score these deals while they last

tell the world…clean me out.
make it fast & painless pleeeze :)

also the genius rantings on this blog will be no more. 
I'm canceling my Internet & phone gals.

getting to know you..getting to know all about you

(these are lyrics, but could come off super creepy!)

I love these random get to know you questions. I usually get them in mass chain email form. Reading all the answers about people you thought you knew is always fun, but then I dont reply because Im too lazy.

#1-Your favorite smell? - breakfast cooking when your camping

#2 Favorite cold cereal? - Luck Charms or Banana Nut Crunch, Is that a bi-polar answer or what?

#3-Favorite color?  -yellow

#4-Favorite toy as a kid ?- oh, a  tricky question. Growing up we intensely believed that our toys were alive, so I couldnt be so cruel as to choose just one. But maybe my My Little Ponys, since I still have all 17 of them.

#5-Favorite Movie? - The Sound of Music, or Newsies….is it wrong that I still get goosebumps when I hear "Open the Gates & Seize the Day"!

#6-Favorite food? -Its a toss up between /bean burros & ice cream. Either way its bad news because Im lactose intolerant and have heartburn.

#7-What are you afraid of ?- Other than the unspeakable happening to a loved one (knock on wood) the dark

#8-What did you want to be when you grew up ?- back in the day I was dead set on being a garbage man….remember when they rode on the back of the truck!! Then my dreams were dashed with the invention of the scary robot arm that now picks up the trash cans. So I went with my #2- a mom (chorus of adoring  AHHH's)

#9- How many/what jobs have you had?  

 my schizophrenic /some what white trash resume =

2 - flower delivery
3-Pete's Fish N Chips
4-Day Care Worker
5-Kino Jr High Special Ed teachers aid
7-Motel 6 Maid
8-Lowes Cashier
9-Denny's Waitress
10-Aesthetician/Day Spa Manager
11-Charter High School PE /Yoga Teacher

#10-  List three little known things about you?-    ohh…..these are the same 3 things I always say when playing 2 truths & a lie,which I love playing, maybe because I like awkward silences. I also cheat and tell 3 truths to throw everyone off. My answers are as follows-

I lived in a trailer
I believe we didn't land on the moon
My father is a convicted felon
                      See how fun!!! (cue awkward silence)

So your turn!
comment below & answer all 10 ?'s or
 just the ones you find fun
Ready  Set    Go

the name game

so I'm just assuming that we all understand the meaning of my blog's name…But my 8th grade Algebra teacher once told me "Assumptions make an Ass out of you." (words of wisdom ,thanks Ms. Howardell)And  ass I am not.

Explanation :

Far to often the blogs I come across are un-real to me. Sometimes that does makes them interesting to read, because they are almost fiction. I understand that people don't post (for the most part) the messy ,crappy, boring parts of their life. But it seems blogs have become a place to create an imaginary picture perfect life style to portray to the world. I'm over it. Ive heard the gals say that after partaking in daily reading of these blogs they feel empty & insufficient. Now maybe some of these blog authors really are picture perfect(unlikely) in which case the sin of envy and jealousy is ours.
 But enough is enough.
 I wanted a blog that was real. And that is my life, peanut butter & jelly on paper plates, price matching @ Walmart, wearing my jammies all day… for days at a time, and getting away with wearing yesterdays make-up because Im happy if I get a minute to brush my teeth before noon let alone do my hair & make-up(scoff).  I just hope the blog doesn't get too cynical , I have been known to be a Debby Downer. (Jim calls me Negative Nelly) I know I live a pretty charmed life compared to 75% of this worlds population.

 But Im no Stepford wife,
and I wont pretend to be one.

Its fun to take a stand for something as meaningless as blogging :) maybe I should quit typing, go brush my teeth and make a meaningfull contribution to humanity today. 
But I have to be done by 2:00 because reruns of House Wives of Orange County is on.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

book barter???

lets state the facts-

i love a good read

i hate spending money

i hate clutter & piles

in conclusion I propose a book barter
Ive got these two praise worthy reads  that Im finished with, and are now being used as coasters/paper weights…oh the humanity. Please save them from an unfulfilled future and trade me for an equally interesting, though not painfully difficult read. As stated: I dont like keeping books after Ive read them, so if you just cant permanently part with your book, I can return it when I'm done. Or I will just continue to barter  through my blog.

Who's Up For A Trade?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

you know its bad when...

Is it just me?
Is anyone else concerned and disgusted with the widely accepted and horrifyingly graphic phrase sweeping the nation and the pure lips of otherwise soft spoken gals?

What phrase you might be asking yourself?


What type of bodily fluid enriched sight are we referring to when selecting this adjective?
I think there are just a few possibilities, none of which I would like to be specific about.
What kind of respectable woman uses this phrase?
Oh, well if Wendy Williams says it I will most certainly not be saying it, 
its a safe rule to live by.

Dont get me wrong, I dont have an honorable verbal past, Ive been known to make a sailor or two blush. But i try and stick strictly to Bible Cuss Words…you know,
 the ones in the good book like (ear muffs) hell /damn /ass.
And I guess I DO use other suggestive slang's like "that sucks/ that blows" 
but I guess the moral of this long winded self righteous post is……
you know its bad when I'M OFFENDED!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

baby bounce back

I kept telling myself…Oh after I have this baby I cant wait to cut my hair, start working out, thrifting for some new threads…Oh the joys of having my body back to myself!

except that simply giving birth doesn't give you your body back MYLA…it most likely doesnt ever REALLY go back. For example Im pretty sure my belly button used to be about 4 inches higher, along with most other body parts.

Now I am grateful for my zero stretch marks, thanks Mom & your amazing genetics. But what about this jello mold encompassing my body, only Bill Cosby could love its jiggle.

And so your thinking, hey get off your butt and stop complaining & start exercising then.

Im living off of 4 un-consecutive hours of sleep. Any extra energy I have gets devoted to rummaging through my ill equipped cupboards for anything containing chocolate…ANYTHING PLEASE!!!

And after "virtually" trying on pixie haircuts and being terrified of what I found ( umm, I forgot about my ears) Ive decided that as for now my locks provide a great curtain.

But I know that caring for this little bundle known as Elliot along with the other 2 monsters roaming my home is a good worthy venture.

Ninon de Lenclos once said " That which is striking and beautiful is not always good; but that which is good is always beautiful"

deep and timeless truth right????

Except, she was ugly? So was she just trying to make herself feel better?

(oh did I just say that. Im awful. good thing shes dead and cant get offended. Im pretty sure Im going to hell, it official. also is it just me, or did people look in-bred back then?)